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WPC Decking - New Eco Friendly Material

Jun 08 , 2022

WPC decking is a new eco-friendly decking for outdoor use. WPC decking is produced from reclaimed plastic and bamboo fiber. Reclaimed plastic is very sustainable. Bamboo is very environmental.

WPC decking has high density. We get the recycled plastic to make PE and in our town, it is bamboo hometown. Bamboo power is after production of bamboo flooring. Before the factory burned bamboo power for their boiler, now we get them into production of WPC. Both bamboo power and recycled plastic are the waste of production and life. WPC can re-use them for making sustainable decking product.

WPC is extruded with E and bamboo power by professional wood-plastic extruding machine under high temperature and pressure. WPC standard length is 2.2m and 2.9m

Raw Materials for Producing WPC:

  • Bamboo power: 60%
  • PE: 30%
  • Additives: 10%

WPC Features:

- 1) Sustainability

WPC used fast-growing resources - bamboo to replace non-renewable resources of petroleum products - plastics.

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