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Characteristics of WPC cladding

Jun 08 , 2022

Characteristics of WPC cladding

1. Fire Retardant Properties

WPC cladding is composed of both polymers and wood powder; that’s why it is able to withstand fire for a much longer term. Therefore, it is preferred over natural wood, plywood, and other conventional materials for interior and exterior designing. Due to its great composition, WPC cladding is a stable, strong, and highly secure building product for diverse interior & exterior projects.

2. Strong and Stable

The WPC cladding stays strong against harsh sun rays, extreme weather, and other damaging elements because these panels are treated with high-quality UV repression pigments & essential heat stabilizers. Another reason for the stability of this material is that it doesn’t fade and maintain its colors throughout time. That’s why WPC cladding is the best solution for exterior anti-weathering benefits in modern-day constructions.

3. Water-resistant and corrosion-resistant

Water-resistance is the best property of WPC cladding. This feature comes in handy in many interior and exterior designing projects that need boards and floorings with excellent water resistance. This is because of the exquisite interlocking composition of cladding panels. Furthermore, WPC cladding is corrosion-resistant, effectively resisting various corrosive mediums from infiltrating with rainwater.

4. Value for Money

WPC boards offer greater convenience and protection to the structure for a long time. Today’s buyers want the best value against what they are paying. Although WPC is somewhat expensive than regular wood materials, it makes your spending worth it. A WPC foam board does not splinter, bend, warp, or wither; it does not require any special maintenance. Henceforth, it is always selected over wood and helps towards lowering the instances of accidents.

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