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Sayruo fence advantages

May 25 , 2022
Sayruo WPC Fence, which is made of 30% HDPE + 65% wood flour + 5% additives. WPC products look like wood, with advantages of water proof, mould proof, anti-UV, etc.

And it is widely used by many architects, mainly for outdoor fence, flooring, landscape. By now, the WPC field is in a developing period, because of the natural wood become scarce. As an eco-friendly wood material, it will be a mainstream in the future.

Our fences are WPC with aluminum fence pattern design.

1. Able to withstand force 9 gale

2. No rust: use aluminum post and rail

3. Easy installation: only 6 steps

4. Waterproof, anti-termite and anti-UV

5. Harmless to the human body. Zero formaldehyde, 100% recyclable, eco-friendly, saving forest resources.
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