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The benefits of composite fencing

Aug 02 , 2023
Setting aside the eco-friendliness of composite fencing, what else could help make your decision? Let’s take a look at the further benefits of composite fencing:
Longer lasting - Synthetic wood panels with reinforced plastic materials will last significantly longer than standard wooden fence panels. Being weather-resistant too, composite fencing are extremely long lasting and won’t let you down.
Rot and mould resistance - Due to its plastic component, composite fencing is extremely rot and mould resistant.
Natural looking finish – if you’re wanting to create a natural, timber looking fence, composite fencing allows you to do just that. With natural finish options in a range of colours, composite fencing allows you to create your desired look.
Easy installation – Composite fence panels slot together easily and are lightweight, resulting in a quick and efficient fencing installation.
Low maintenance – Composite fence panels not only last long and look great, very little maintenance is required either. With no cracking or splintering, you won’t find yourself filling any gaps in your fence.
Splinter proof – Due to their lightweight, honeycomb structure, composite fence panels are easy to work with, without the worry of getting splinters.
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