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How To Install The WPC Decking?

Jul 25 , 2023

Installing WPC (Wood-Plastic Composite) decking typically involves the following steps:


Measure and plan the area where you want to install the WPC decking.

Clear the site of any debris, vegetation, or existing structures.

Ensure that the ground is level and properly compacted.

Frame Construction:

Build a solid and level frame using pressure-treated lumber or metal joists. The frame provides support for the WPC decking boards.

Place the joists parallel to each other with a suitable span distance.

Use joist hangers, screws, or clips to secure the joists in place.

Ensure the frame is square and level.

Install the Starter Clips:

Depending on the WPC decking system you're using, you may need to install starter clips along the length of the outer edge of the deck frame. These clips will hold the first row of decking boards in place.

Fasten the Decking Boards:

Begin by placing the first decking board against the starter clips.

Secure the board to the joists using screws or clips designed for WPC decking.

Install subsequent boards, ensuring a uniform gap between each board.

Use a miter saw or a circular saw to cut the boards to the desired length where necessary.

Finish the Edges:

Install fascia boards or trim pieces around the perimeter of the deck to provide a finished look.

Attach the fascia boards using screws or clips, ensuring they align flush with the top surface of the decking boards.

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