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WPC Product Factory

Nov 08 , 2021

Anhui Sinon New material Co., ltd is a comprehensive development enterprise. It has a complete industrial system and outstanding research and production capabilities! WPC Products main features: wood texture strong, resistance to abrasion,impact resistance,high-density, waterproof, mositure-proof,anti-termite,easy installation,low cost. Sinon understand how to satisfy specific requirements for large project installations. Products cover all provinces and cities across the country, and sell well in Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. Strong reasons to assure you get a 10 year product warranty. we deliver high value to our customers by offering end to end project solutions by our experts with rich product knowledge. The quality of outdoor WPC products produced by the company has always implemented high international environmental protection standards. The company has international advanced production equipment, a well-equipped testing laboratory, and experienced senior engineers.Sinon WPC Products is made from 60% natural wood fibers powder,30% polyethylene plastic and 10% chemical addtives,in high temperature and high pressure through a professional wood extrusion equipment. WPC products can be widely use in large in the square, landscape and so on.

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