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Why is WPC decking more practical than ceramic tiles?

Aug 12 , 2021

There are often some difficult choices when decorating a house. If indoor flooring is laid, whether to choose wood-plastic flooring or ceramic tiles? Today I will tell you why wood-plastic flooring is better than ceramic tiles, but this is not to deny ceramic tiles. You can combine actual choices to make your home look like you like.

   1. Not easy to slip

  The wood-plastic floor with the opposite tile surface has a low friction coefficient, is easy to slip, and has a hard texture. If there are elderly or children in the home, the floor tiles will be more likely to slip and cause injuries to the elderly and children, reducing the risk factor, and suitable for home paving.

  2. Easy to maintain

   In the eyes of many people, ceramic tiles are easier to maintain than wood-plastic floors. In fact, although the floor tiles are well maintained, they are prone to black seams and scratches. If they break, they all need to be changed. In addition, the wood-plastic floor has the characteristics of moisture-proof and mildew-proof, which can prevent the reproduction of mites and bacteria, and reduce the occurrence of asthma diseases, nose and skin allergies.


  The wood-plastic floor is beautiful. Its natural lifestyle can also show a person's taste very well. The softness and color of wood-plastic floor are very good, and it gives people a good affinity. At present, the variety of floor patterns is constantly changing, and the service life can be long. 20 years. However, ceramic tiles give people a rather blunt feeling, which will be limited in color and style, and it is not easy to spread extraordinary effects.

   4. Variety of varieties

  The material of wood-plastic floor is very rich and diverse. According to incomplete statistics, there are as many as 100 kinds, which also brings more changes and choices to home life. The materials of the floor tiles are similar, but the composition is almost similar, slightly single.

   5. Easier to install and replace

   WPC flooring is more worry-free, labor-saving and money-saving. The construction process of the floor is constant, and there is a unified technical standard. You only need to choose a good variety of colors. If you want to decorate twice, it is easier to replace the wooden floor, and it is convenient to take it away when you move. It is very convenient to open the package.

   For floor tiles, it is necessary to consider not only the variety of patterns and colors, but also whether the size can be basically consistent with the ground without the appearance of unsightly narrow-striped tiles. At the same time, buy paving materials and hire workers to construct.

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