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How long can my plastic wood flooring last?

Sep 17 , 2021

China deep embossed flooring is one of the most popular flooring.

Want to reduce the maintenance of the floor and have a longer use time? Plastic wood flooring may be your best choice. China wpc decking has higher strength than wood flooring and will not be deformed and cracked by moisture. This material is easy to maintain and does not require painting and sanding. It can be cleaned and maintained simply with some soap and water. After 10 years of use, you will find that traditional wood floors may not look as good as they were at the beginning, but your plastic wood floors still look like new. The plastic wood flooring products produced by Sayruo Environmental Technology use exclusive color mixing technology. eco friendly wpc flooring has a natural wood grain effect. The high performance allows the product to withstand years of sunlight, rain, wind and snow, etc., and the maintenance cost is low. Generally, it can be used 10- 15 years.

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